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C&B atelier

Client : DSW Stadspark / Groningen / Nederland
Commissioned by : Mr Wijkstra and Mr Harms
Problem description: Increasing production / Training personnel / Improving quality

DSW Stadspark is a sheltered workshop. They give people who have been excluded from employment for a long time the opportunity to catch up again. Since many employees are semi- or unskilled and/or have a handicap, the user-friendliness of machines is very important. DSW Stadspark also wanted to ensure the quality and production level. For this project Eisenkolb employed the "Curtain Concept". It is a configuration of specially adapted machines which form a complete production street. In addition, we came up with an extensive training programme which further optimises the production process.

Machines, training and follow-up have resulted in a considerable production increase with a higher quality standard.