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De Nijvere Bij

Client: De Nijvere Bij / Zoetermeer / the Netherlands
Commissioned by: the Management of De Nijvere Bij
Problem description: Increasing the quality

De Nijvere Bij is a successful family business with many years' experience in curtain production and many other textile related activities. Partly due to the high quality requirements from the market and the increasing demand for high-quality products, the company felt the need for innovation.

After a thorough market research, De Nijvere Bij contacted Eisenkolb. Their research had shown Eisenkolb to be not only a leading supplier in this field, but also a trend-setting company with innovative products and improvements.

Meanwhile Eisenkolb has installed its newest generation of automated machines at De Nijvere Bij, thus almost fully automating the blinds production at this company.Now De Nijvere Bij has successfully caught up, whereas the production line will remain at a high quality level because of the continued cooperation with Eisenkolb.