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Drapery masters Inc.

Client : Drapery Masters Inc. / New York / USA
Commissioned by : Douglas H. Schulman / Managing Director
Problem description: Calculating a pleat configuration which allows for seam connections.

Drapery Masters is specialised in manufacturing curtains for private persons in the highest market segment. (Residential top treatments) When pleating curtains in this price range, seams between two curtain panels should be invisible. Therefore, seams must always be placed left or right of the pleat. In cooperation with Mr Schulman, Eisenkolb has developed a computer programme that calculates the pleat configuration (number of pleats for a certain pleat distance and pleat depth), based on the available fabric. In addition, the programme shows the user where the seam, visible or not, will be made. By making small modifications in pleat depth and/or pleat distance, a visible seam can still be made invisible.

Combined with one of the Microflex pleat stitching machines, this programme will save a lot of time, because the time-consuming pleat marking will no longer be required.