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Client : Zenith Koplavitch / Bangalore / India
Commissioned by: Mr. S.K. Loyalka / Managing Director
Problem definition: Improving quality / Improving dimensions / Increasing production.

Zenith is the second-largest silk producer in India. A large part of their production is exported to the USA. Partly as fabrics, but also as manufactured customised curtains, expensive because of the materials and design used. The American client was dissatisfied with the quality (strict requirements apply in this price range) and the dimensions which deviated too much from the ordered measurements. After an urgent request from their client, Zenith contacted Eisenkolb. We then developed a model of a machine line which complies with the requirements from Zenith and their clients. These machines ensure a constant quality with minimal (expensive) fabric loss. The problems with the dimensions were solved by employing highly accurate horizontal and vertical cutting machines.

Since we have optimised their production process, Zenith can now guarantee products with very high and constant quality. In addition, they can do so with less than half of their original employees!