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Frequently asked questions

Does Eisenkolb supply machines only?
Eisenkolb is an overall supplier. We distinguish ourselves by a good purchase support, trainings and after-sales.

Does Eisenkolb produce its own machines?
Eisenkolb cooperates with reputable suppliers who are responsible for the subcomponents. Eisenkolb provides final assembly and fine-tuning of the machines.

Does Eisenkolb also supply used machines?
If in stock, Eisenkolb also supplies used products. These machines have been fully reconditioned and have a six-month warranty in accordance with the warranty conditions.

Do new machines have warranty?
All machines have a 1-year warranty in accordance with the warranty conditions.

What to do if I want to replace an old machine?
Eisenkolb can always advise you on the purchase of new machines or reconditioning of your old machine.

Is Eisenkolb an innovative company?
Eisenkolb has its own innovations department that works full-time on innovative solutions and developments for the curtain industry. We always try to anticipate developments.

Does Eisenkolb provide trainings?
Eisenkolb has its own training consultant who provides on-site trainings.

What to do in case of problems/complaints?
If you have problems or complaints, first call our technical department. If a problem cannot be solved by telephone, we will send a mechanic to you within the next 48 hours.

How long will it take before I receive my order?
Orders can be divided into 3 groups: - Parts: usually 1 day - Brother machines: usually 2 weeks - Other machines: on request.

Will Eisenkolb charge installation costs?
Eisenkolb will not charge installation and training costs for machines purchased in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. In other countries we are obliged to partially charge these costs.

Does Eisenkolb also supply parts?
Eisenkolb has a large parts warehouse with nearly all parts of their own machines in stock. In the unlikely event that an article is not in stock, we will process your order as soon as possible.