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Fully automatic curtain pleating machine with an integrated Microflex® curtain hook feeder

By applying advanced pleating techniques, a wide range of double and triple pleats can be produced, in a wide range of curtains, from net curtains to heavy lined curtains. A compressed thickness with a maximum of 2 cm is no problem at all for the device.

The machine guarantees a production of min. 1,800 completely finished pleats a day. Of course, all pleats can be fitted with a Microflex® adjustable curtain hook.

The user-friendly touch screen interface allows the operator to program the machine in a visual way. The operator does not have be to experienced in pleating techniques.

The software has a help function for the complete process.

The world-wide patented seam positioning system guarantees the highest quality in finishing, because of the fact that the seam can be positioned wherever you like in the curtain. Just think of a seam only a few millimetres away from the pleat, making it almost invisible.

Other important features:
- Needle cooling for max. performance in the various materials
- Foldable front section for easier threading and needle replacement
- Wide range of stitching patterns available (optional)

Pleating specifications:
- Pleat depth between 17 and 40mm
- Pleat distance between 80 and 180mm
- Max. pleating length 99.99m

If connected to the internet, the machine can be fully read out from a remote location, reducing the downtime to a minimum (optional).


Download PDF:
  PPS-2300  Brochure