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Programmable multi-functional X-Y cutting and marking system.

Patented 270 degrees rotating clamp bar for clamping fabrics during ultrasonic or knife cutting: fabric can be cut over the full surface of the table without moving.

Several high-quality cutting tools available:

-        Firestar 60 W air-cooled laser.

-        Rinco 35 kHz ultrasonic cutter.

-        Round cutting knife.

180 micron UV ink marker unit for fast marking of hems and ring positions.

Cutting and marking width of 3.2 m, in combination with customer-specified length in sections of 1.5 m, allows for a large cutting surface.

Automatic draw system with pneumatic clamps for unrolling and positioning the fabric on the table.

Variable adjustable 0-point with laser pointer eases the positioning of the various cutting tools.

Servo-controlled movement for a high degree of accuracy.

Windows-operated control panel with 15" touch screen, standard equipped with remote access for technical assistance on site.

Optional exhaust ventilation with activated carbon filter.

Production capacity: 15 - 20 Roman blinds/roll blinds per hour*.

Technical specifications:

-        Dimensions: 400 cm wide, length built to order.

-        Electric: 380 V, 3 phase, 7500 W

-        Air: 5 bar, 1 L per cycle


* capacity strongly dependent on the operator.


Download PDF:
  PCS-3000  Brochure