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Automatic Roman blinds pocket tape stitching machine

  • Equipped with Durkopp Adler single- or double-needle post bed sewing machine, with reversible top driven roller for faultless stitching.
  • Effective sewing width of 4.45 m to facilitate stitching of extra-wide Roman blinds or several blinds simultaneously. The standard height of the machine is 4 m; can be raised to 6 m if necessary.
  • Servo-driven band feed with automatic cutter for accurate feed and trimming of tunnel tape.
  • Needle spacing per customer specifications.
  • Lifting beam equipped with pneumatic clamps for easy fastening of the fabric.
  • Self-supporting frame construction, allowing free movement of the machine.
  • Industrial Windows-based computer with 15” touch screen allowing for easy operation of the machine. The computer is standard equipped with remote service for technical assistance on site.
  • Optional: UV marking unit to simultaneously mark ring positions and lower hem.
  • Production capacity:
    12 Blinds per hour (average blind 2 m²
  • Technical specifications:
    – Dimensions: 581 x 140 cm
    – Electric: 220 V, 1 phase, 3500 W
    – Air: 7 bar, 3 L per cycle