Our machines facilitate a wide range of sewing processes


Interchangeable multi-sewing unit conveyor machine

  • Machine equipped with electronic quick-exchange system to exchange sewing units easily in under a minute.
  • Sewing unit is electrically removable to ease cleaning and maintenance.
  • Easy, user-friendly operation via touch screen, with optional remote access module for technical assistance on site.
  • Machine height-adjustable for ergonomic work position at the various units.
  • Start/stop drawstrings placed over the full length of the frame provide an important contribution to the ef ciency of the¬†machine and the ergonomics for the operator.
  • Compact, space-saving frame, equipped with a synchronised conveyor belt with a length of 550 cm.
  • Available units: ACP-3000, BCP-3000, CCP-3000 and DCP-3000.
  • Options: specific to each¬†individual machine.
  • Production capacity:
    dependent on the chosen unit*.
  • Technical specifications:
    – Dimensions: 550 x 160 cm
    – Electric: 220 V, 1 phase, 1350 W
    – Air: 6 bar, 0.5 L per cycle

* capacity strongly dependent on the operator.