Our machines for cutting and/or trimming curtain fabrics


Automatic vertical curtain height cutting machine

  • Machine is standard equipped with a universal lifting beam to attach the curtain with spring clamps, via the lower hem or the curtain’s lead cord.
  • Simple operation via the free-standing console with multilingual LCD touch screen.
  • Adjustable cutting speed and extra tension function for optimal cutting result.
  • Machine is custom-built and available in two versions:
    • Model 2300DP for workspaces with sufficient height. Up to a maximum width
      of 1155 cm / maximum height of 615 cm (max 545 cm net cutting height).
    • Model 2300DPX for workspaces with limited ceiling height; equipped with a second lifting beam for an additional lifting cycle. Up to a maximum width of 891cm /
      maximum height of 615 cm (max 1040 cm net cutting height).
  • The machine is available with the following options:
    • Pneumatic clamp lifting beam
    • Lifting beam with extended pneumatic clamps for lined curtains
    • Fully automatic UV-marking for curtains and blinds
    • Double lower hem rod for simultaneous cutting of curtain and lining
    • Barcode interface, for input of cutting height
  • Production capacity: 90 panels per hour*.
  • Technical specifications:
    • Dimensions: 715 cm (smallest) x 40 cm (smallest) x “height made to order”
    • Electric: 220 V, 1 phase, 1350 W, 16 A
    • Air: 5 bar, 3 L per cycle

* capacity strongly dependent on the operator