Our machines for cutting and/or trimming curtain fabrics


Automatic vertical curtain height cutting machine with foldout slanted worktable

  • Machine is standard equipped with two lifting beams: double lifting beam to attach the lining with spring clamps or the lower hem, and a single lifting beam to attach the lining via the lower hem. Both beams can be optionally equipped with electro-pneumatic clamps.
  • Electric extendable table with Buckram tape dispenser to finish the top edge of the curtain.
  • Simple operation via the free-standing console with multi-lingual LCD touch screen.
  • Adjustable cutting speed and extra tension function for optimal cutting result.
  • Machine height made to order, for optimal use of the work space height.
  • Available in two widths:
    4-panel and 5-panel.
  • May also be used in AGA mode, in which only one beam is active and the table function is deactivated.
  • Optional foot pedal to move both lifting beams in order to finish the edge seams.
  • Production capacity:
    30 – 40 Panels per hour*.
  • Technical specifications:
    – Dimensions: 665 cm or 805 cm wide, height made to order.
    – Electric: 220 V, 1 phase, 1350 W
    – Air: 5 bar, 3 L per cycle

* capacity strongly dependent on the operator.